Welcome to Limpio Laundry – Quiet, Family Friendly and Clean

Conveniently Located at 303 Post St, Napa, CA

What our customers are saying;

Peter S. "Great place. ... they have a sink, which I appreciate. ... mellow, good, working people with good vibes. ... PA plays great music to do laundry to at a soft volume. ... It's the only place I consider doing laundry in the wine country." .................. M. Vasquez"Machines always work. Dryers actually dry your clothes with first go round. At nights someone is there to keep an eye on things. Customers are pleasant ... It's a safe place. Cheapest and cleanest. Even has toy area for kids."

Plenty of Machines at this Napa Laundromat

10 top loading washers
5 double load washers
10 triple load washers
2 large capacity washers
18 Stack dryers
2 large capacity dryers
2 change machines
1 Vending machine with laundry supplies


Modern Conveniences

Credit Cards at all washers & Dryers

Free WIFI.

Indoor and outdoor seating.

Books, magazines

Music for a relaxing experience.

Plenty of toys to occupy your little ones.

Check us out today!

Conveniently located. Top Quality Washers & Dryers: Clean, Outdoor Area, a friendly Napa Laundromat
  • Services - Credit Card payment & Laundry Detergent Dispensers.
  • Washers & Dryers - Time Saving Energy Efficient .
  • While you wait - Outdoor area, kids area and seating.